About Us

(private share-holding company) since 2008, has been providing e-learning solutions for both governmental & private persons like Shahid Beheshti and Payame-nour universities.. Hamrahan is well known as founder of innovating start-ups. Hamrahan Company relying on his innovation capability, has planned his mission for developing new e-learning solutions. Our main strategy is using learning approach for every products or services we design for using on mobile phones. Hamrahan with his valuable experiences in development of creative services intends to use valve added services of mobile operators for realization of his goals.

Hamrahan is experienced in:

  • Business partner of both biggest mobile operators of IRAN

  • Well-known as a learning content provider in the market

  • Near to medium and large VCs (venture capitals)

  • Effective relation with other Ecosystem players (Governmental and private enterprises)

  • Development of ICT based startups

We are experienced in

  • Establishment of e-learning department for major universities

  • Developing the native IPTV solution scalable for unlimited clients

  • Developing many types of SMS based value added service for more than 5m users

  • Founding ICT based start-ups

At present, Hamrahan is collaborating with 2 major role players of IRAN communications market, MCI & MTN IRANCELL as the formal business partner. Note: MCI and MTN irancell have more than 95% of IRAN’s telecommunications market share.