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Design & Development of web&mobile

Mobile devices and applications have undergone drastic growth in recent years due to factors like, nowadays we can say more than 90% of users, even do not leave their house without their mobile cell, and this reality can changes the game and make business opportunities. Today, product and service providers have to go toward the customers, and here the only thing that provide customers stickiness, is the users experience which you are making! . Hamrahan Atie Pasargad, has built a strong mobility practice, specialized in B2B and B2C capabilities across major mobile platforms and associated backend technologies. Hamrahan, as the business partner of both bigest mobile operators in Iran, is also eager to collaborate with any content owners in marketing of any mobile applications in Iran’s market.

Value Added Services

Value added services (VAS) refer to the non-core services offered in the telecom sector. All services apart from standard voice calls are considered a VAS. These services can be used to promote an operator’s primary business. VAS spurs mobile subscribers to increasingly use their mobile device in order to allow operator to pull up their average revenue per user. Hamrahan with his valuable experiences in developing big learning projects, intends to use valve added services of mobile operators for realization of his goals. At present, Hamrahan is collaborating with 2 major role players of IRAN communications market, MCI & MTN IRANCELL as the formal business partner. Note: MCI and MTN irancell have more than 95% of IRAN’s telecommunications market share.

Some of our competitive advantages:

  • Leader and well-known company in eLearning solutions and content providing.
  • Excellent experience in Service design
  • Extensive marketing network

On the phone consultancy

Any users can call for asking his questions about insurance issues on an IN platform.